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    Two years is being successfully carried out the joint project of Government of Turkmenistan and Development Program of United Nations Organisation (UNDP), given the title "Development of the cultural sphere of Kunya-Urgench". The project provides first of all the fulfilment of unique works on the preservation of the outstanding architectural monuments of the ancient capital of the state of Khorezmshahs; and also the creation of the Museum of National Crafts in the ancient Kunya-Urgench building of Dashmosque, where about hundred years ago was placed medreseh; the accomplishment of the territory of the State historical-cultural reserve "Kunya-Urgench"; the issue оf the historical literature; training of the experts-restorers and Museum staff; the preparation for the entering this ancient city into the orbit of the international tourism.
    Much from that what is planned is already executed much still should be done in order to completely realise the project. This is clear that its budget requires additional revenues and in this respect rather perspective looks the participation of UNESCO - the world organisation on cultural heritage which already showed the great interest in the prolongation of works in Kunya-Urgench.
    About all this was the speech on the conference held in spring 2000 in Kunya-Urgench. The representatives of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan, UNDP, UNESCO, Khyakimlik (mayor's office) of Dashoguz velayat, and also invited experts and volunteers from England, Italy, France and Uzbekistan have participated there. In the course of the discussions which were taking place not only in the cool hall of Kunya-Urgench UNDP Office, but also under the cupolas of the majestic Tyurabek-khanym Mausoleum and at the bottom of the highest in Central Asia Minaret of Kutlug-Timur, they worked out the united position concerning the strategy of further works on the preservation of the invaluable monuments of the Reserve. Тhe main theme was about two monuments which evoke the serious certain anxiety in connection with their technical conditions.
    Minaret of Kutlug-Timur is a structure, which original age and name are the subject of the scientific contro- versies. It is supposed, that its erection began in XI century during the governing of Khoresmsheikh Аbu-Abbas Mamun. For unknown reasons the construction was interrupted tor a long time and was finished only in 1321- 1336 In the time of Kutlug-Timur - the vicegerent of the Gold Horde. This 62 m tower was named after him. Its well-proportioned and taper upwards the round trunk (diameter of the basis is about 12 meters, and on the top - 2m) is divided by the narrow belts of the vertically put bricks, which create the specific architectural rhythm and the broad belt of Arabian inscription.
    In the past the Minaret was crowned by the wooden lantern, from which the beams over-handing in the brickwork were remained. The screw ladder of 145 steps leads to the lantern, people could get only from the roof of the mosque which unfortunately does not exist nowadays. Some years ago the plinth part of Minaret and its territory were entirely restored. The UNDP Project assumes the preservation, i. e. the stout work of its dangerous top, that represents the very complicated engineering task because people have to work at the very top and without scaffolding. Tyurabek- khanym Mausoleum, dated to the middle of XIV century and belonging to the time of the governing of Sufi Dynasty in the Old Urgench, is the real pearl of Khorezm and whole Turkmen агсhitecture. The high and light 6-faceted hall of about 100 sq. m is the peculiarity of this creature. Its walls are decorated with coloured mosaic. Above the halt as If it soars in the air is the inverted spherical bowt, where is the beautiful colourful and delicate mosaic panel with the ornaments of stars and flowers. From this halt it is possible to go down to the crypt, where the ashes of the several representatives of the Dynasty buried. Above the building the dark blue glaze marquee was formerly raised. Only the smalt and very indicative fragment was remained from this. The outside dome of Mausoleum had the shape similar to the adjacent Mausoleum of Khorezmshakh Tekesh, that is in the shape of the cone. It is a very dangerous action tо restore it and at the same time it is inadmissible if follow to the international norms of the preservation of the historical monuments prohibiting the reconstruction of the lost parts of the building, taking into account that nobody knows how did they look. Therefore, it was decided to preserve the remained parts of the outside dome thoroughly in order to prevent its further destruction and to cover its saved surface with the special layer.
    The historical-cultural Reserve of Kunya-Urgench is the sacred for Muslims place, where the pilgrimage never stopped even during the times unfavourable for the believers. Today nobody prevents the pilgrims. People, who respect the tradition of the ancestors, openly come here. The wide access to the monuments have also and tourists, those who earlier never dreamed to see the outstanding structures of the medieval governors of Khorezm. Undoubtedly, in the Golden age of Turkmen the past popularity of this ancient city will revive and it will take appropriate place on the maps and the guidebooks, new books and textbooks on history.
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