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Foreign national traveling to the Republic of Turkmenistan for business or tourist purpose requires visa. Visa can be arranged through an invitation letter by an individual, firm or organization, which has to be further approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Siyakhat is approved by the Tourism Corporation of Turkmenistan and can assist in getting visa for individual as well as group traveling for business or tourist purpose. After getting visa invitation letter, visa can be obtained from the nearest Turkmen Embassy or consulate in your country by paying the required visa fees. Foreigner's traveling from country where there is no Turkmen Embassy, visa can be arranged on arrival at airport after giving the visa invitation letter. Visa at airport can be obtained in Ashgabat, Dashoguz, Mary and Turkmenabat. For visa invitation letter, full passport details (passport number, date and place of issue of passport, date of birth, nationality) of tourists is required minimum 15 days in advance before the arrival.


Number of persons Cost
1-4 45$
5 & above 20$

Visa at airport is approximately 51$ per person.
Siyakhat is a reliable partner and always guarantees a high class service. We invite you to visit independant neutral Turkmenistan.

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    60a, Gerogly str.,
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 744012
Siyakhat hotel
tel./fax: (99312) 344033, 344071

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